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At PMH Fertility Center, we help intended parents

from all over the world realize their dreams of having a family.

With us, surrogacy is legal, safe and secure

Why choose surrogacy?

There are many reasons to consider growing your family through surrogacy, wheter you are a couple who has struggled with infertility, a member of LGBT+ community or are looking to expand your family as a single parent.

The child is not biologically related to the surrogate mother.

The embryo is instead created using an egg from the intender mother or a donor and sperm from the intender father or a donor using In Vitro Fertilization.

Meet PMH Fertility Center

Growing your family through PMH Fertility Center is an emotional

undertaking. Choosing the right surrogacy agency is key to ensuring

the safest and smoothest journey.

PMH Fertility Center has helped international parents build their families.

Intended parents work with a journey coordination team, as well as lawyers

who are experts in reproductive and surrogacy law..

Frequently Asked Questions


Why international parents come to experience surrogacy in Mexico?

Mexico is one of the countries in the world in which the practice is legal.


Where does the birth of the baby take place?

The birth of the baby and the process of obtaining the birth certificate will take place in the same city as the trial (in the State of Jalisco)

“I found Dr. Rivas to be very open and easy to communicate with Zoom calls were setup to keep me informed of every step and at the end, the results were achieved with a minimum effort".




"There are no words to thank you enough for everything they have done for us: never giving up; always looking for options to make our dream come true. Who listens to hearts, gives his heart and there is no way to pay for that".




“Our prayers have been heard and God has given us double the blessing with the assistance of an excellent medical team".




PMH Fertility Center

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